10 Modern Centerpieces

When thinking of centerpieces for your wedding or event, traditional floral arrangements are probably the first to spring to mind. There is a great deal to be said for these time honored classics, but here are some attractive alternatives may inspire you to step outside the realm of traditional and into the limitless possibilities that can make your table-scapes even more memorable and unique.

1) Let's begin with a transitional piece. Include shining silver spheres and platters overflowing with fresh fruit that are as delicious to look at as they are to eat. Scatter some colorful flowers throughout to keep the tradition of floral centerpieces alive, while creating a carefree and relaxed atmosphere. 
(via Burnetts Boards, photo by Julia Winkler)

2) An elegant grouping of tapered candles brightens up the table while keeping the look clean and simple. Mix up the heights of the candle holders, add hurricane glass cylinders, and pop in a few votive candles to polish the look.
(via Colin Cowie Weddings, photo by Tory Williams Wedding Photography)

3) Let lanterns light the way. There are countless shapes, sizes, and colors available -- you should have no trouble finding just the right lanterns to highlight your tables. 
(via The Wedding Chicks, photo by Emily Steffen)

If you are a true flower lover (like me) you probably won't want to leave flowers completely out of the picture. These next two ideas might suit your fancy.

4) Adding natural elements such as birch bark-covered vases will give new life to petite bouquets of flowers. Arranging three smaller pieces into a grouping infuses a healthy dose of the modern touch.
(via Pinterest)

5) A floral wreath takes traditional beauty to new heights, but it's low profile will keep your guests happily conversing -- without ever struggling to see one another from opposite sides a towering centerpiece.
(via Sweet Paul Magazine, photo by Alexandra Grablewski and Paul Vitale)

6) When planning a nautical inspired wedding, bring the treasures if the sea right to the table. Consider filling large cylinder vases with sand, seashells, and colorful (faux) corals. 
(via Happy Wed)

7) Harvest time provides a wealth of unique materials to dress up your table-scape. This simple yet striking bouquet of dried wheat provides a natural and rustic effect. These centerpieces can even be made well ahead of time giving you some extra free time before big event. 
(from Brides.com, via Sprout Flowers)

8) This bountiful arrangement will bring back fond memories of pumpkin picking season. Be creative -- begin by placing autumn leaves or greenery (as shown below) to form a backdrop, then choose a variety of sizes and shapes to add visual interest.
(via The Glamorous Housewife)

These final two ideas will awaken your guests' senses when they see, smell, and touch the fresh pine centerpieces you've selected! 

9) Sparkling mercury glass containers filled with a mixture of long-needle pine, cedar, and noble fir are sure to please. A cluster of flocked pine cones will have your guests dreaming of cozy snow days.  
(via Stone Gable)

10) Make the centerpiece into a gift that will last a lifetime. Small potted pine trees are a perfect winter or Christmastime centerpiece. You can keep them sweet and natural as shown here, or you can decorate them to coordinate with your wedding theme or color palette. When the night is over, a lucky guest from each table can take this darling tree home to be planted in their garden. They'll enjoy watching it grow and will remember what a wonderful time they shared with you every time the look at it. 
(via The Wedding Chicks, photo by Pat Furey Photography)

As always, thank you for reading. I hope you were inspired today.

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