Brilliant Custom Jewelry

This month I had the opportunity to work on two remarkable pieces of jewelry. After finding a triple strand necklace in my "No Stone Unturned" jewelry collection, a new client requested a customized necklace. The piece would now include four strands of faceted glass beads in an amazing, lighter shade of orange. As in the original, each bead has been carefully hand-knotted to form the strands of the necklace and finished with sterling silver hardware. To make this piece extra special, we decided to add a glorious pearl and rhinestone crystal brooch off to one side. I knew that the rhinestones on the brooch would sparkle but could not have been more pleased to find that the glass beads are just as reflective! They certainly hold their own in this fabulous statement necklace!

To complete her wedding day look, my client also requested a coordinating triple-strand bracelet with the same beautiful beads. We are both so pleased with how this remarkable pair came together and I can't wait to hear from her when she receives this sparking suite of jewels!

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