Small and White, Clean and Bright

If you are a fan of The Sound of Music (like I am), the title of this post probably has you thinking of a lovely star-shaped flower called edelweiss. I hope you are not disappointed, because today's entry is all about another little flower that is a star in its own right -- baby's breath. 

This charming wildflower (also called gypsophila) had been sorely overlooked for quite some time. Categorized as an inferior filler flower that was both dated and cheap, baby's breath took a backseat to its trendier counterparts such as waxflower and limonium (commonly called misty blue). But a true classic always returns to the spotlight and baby's breath has done just that! In recent years, a newer variety -- appropriately called "Million Star", has become especially sought after. With its softly refined texture, this gem within the filler flower world is vastly growing in popularity.

There are so many reasons to fall in love with baby's breath. Famous for its sweet fragrance and dainty white blooms, gypsophila is certainly pleasing to the senses. Another part of the appeal is that it is suitable for any time of the year.  The light and airy, lace-like silhouette of gypsophila blends beautifully into spring or summer occasions. Its fluffy texture and snowy white color also make it ideal for winter weddings. Baby's breath even dries well, making it just the right addition to an autumn event. (Speaking of dried flowers -- consider asking your florist about turning your fresh wedding bouquet or boutonniere into a dried keepsake of your special day.) Need further convincing? This mighty little flower will also hold up remarkably well throughout the day without showing any major signs of wilting and it is versatile enough to be arranged into anything from bouquets, to wreaths, to hair adornments.

Let's take a closer look at the many ways you can incorporate this lovely flower into your wedding or event.
1) A beautifully arranged bouquet for the bride or attendants: ModWedding via Rachel A. Clingen Wedding & Event Design
2) Simple and elegant boutonnieres wrapped with twine: Deer Pearl Flowers

Baby's breath is an excellent choice if the bride or bridesmaids would like to wear flowers in their hair. Being naturally dainty and lightweight, the clusters of blooms will comfortably blend into a variety of hairstyles.
From the Left: 3) Wedding Chicks 4) Love Hair & Co. 5) The Budget Savvy Bride

6) Baby's breath could also be fashioned into a pretty crown for the bride or flower girl: Elizabeth Anne Designs

7) Continue the baby's breath theme with lush wreaths (Elizabeth Anne Designs) or 8) draped garlands (Style Me Pretty). They will add softness and visual interest to the ceremony and reception venues while also providing a subtle fragrance for everyone to enjoy.

Whether your style is simple or dramatic, refined or rustic, or a combination -- baby's breath fits the bill.
9) Cottony soft pomanders could be used to decorate the aisle or reception chairs. They would also be darling accessories for the flower girls to carry. (Bodas).
10) For less formal approach, consider lining the aisle with tin buckets, barrels, or baskets. Fill them with bunches baby's breath and in just a few minutes you have created a dreamy path for the newlyweds to travel.
(Hub Feature "18 DIY Wedding Decorations on a Budget")

11) From charming mason jars (Green Villa Barn & Gardens) to
12) towering vases (Mod Wedding), gypsophila is also an outstanding choice for your centerpieces.

Lastly, don't forget the dessert table! 13) A collar of blooms surrounding the cake (Wedding Mix)
or 14) alternative macaron (or cupcake or petit four) display (Agnes de Sucre / Photo by Melvyn Vincent) will take everyone's breath away.

 Do keep in mind that while formerly thought of as an inexpensive flower, quality Million Star Baby's Breath is currently the most expensive in the gypsophila family. Pricing really depends on season, location, and availability. Be sure to discuss options with your florist in plenty of time for the big day. Consider both your budget and the atmosphere you want to create. If your ideal setting is casual and relaxed, think about more traditional varieties such as "New Love" or "Party Time" baby's breath. If you love the refined appearance of Million Star but the cost doesn't suit you, think about using less expensive varieties for the big picture items such ceremony, reception, and cake decor. Save the Million Star for personal items such as your bridal bouquet or groom's boutonniere.

No matter how you decide to incorporate baby's breath into your event, this little flower is sure to make a big statement!

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