The world of floral design is an ever evolving one. In the 12 years that I have been designing, I have always found it exciting to watch trends develop as time passes. Some elements of design seem to be in constant flux, while others seem to morph from one to another gradually. For example, you may have noticed that types of flowers and color schemes seem to go in and out of fashion fairly quickly. What you may not have noticed is that two other elements of design -- shape and dimension -- experience a much slower metamorphosis.
For the greater part of this century, the classic round bouquet has taken center stage as the modern look. Nearly every other bouquet shape was viewed as dated and passe. That excluded a variety of shapes from cascades, to teardrops, to crescent bouquets. Over the last two years, it has become clear that these elegant and romantic styles are making a comeback; specifically the cascade and its recently popular equivalent, the freeform. Bouquets rich in abundance of mixed blooms, berries, and greenery are once again shining brightly. So when I first considered adding a few new bouquets to the bridal shop, the now modern freeform shape was exactly what came to mind. 

 This beauty is overflowing with lush open roses, refined lilies, dainty hydrangea and sweet peas, noble irises, and whimsical freesia. Silvery green leaves surround the blooms adding softness and texture.

 Shades of blush pink, periwinkle blue, white, and lime green make this an ideal choice for a spring or summer event.

Supple white and blue satin surrounds the stems in a French-knotted pattern and the stems are exposed for that fresh-cut appeal.

A coordinating boutonniere for the groom completes the look.
I hope you love this one has much as I do. I mean...just look at those pink roses! To die for!!

There are endless possibilities to consider with a freeform or cascade bouquet. You can choose any color or combination of colors. A varied mixture of flowers can be incorporated or it can be narrowed to a select few. The shape can be altered so that it is symmetrical or asymmetrical. Size can vary from delicate and petite to large and stylishly dramatic. Contact me anytime to discuss your custom wedding flowers. I look forward to it!

Thank you for reading. I hope you were inspired today.

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