10 Reasons to Consider Silk Wedding Flowers

1. Silks Are a Wonderful Keepsake
Any newlywed will tell you that after all of the waiting and planning, the wedding day inevitably comes and goes far too quickly. Why not add your bouquet or boutonniere to the list of keepsakes you will have from this important day in your life? You, your attendants, and relatives can proudly display the floral arrangements at home for years to come. Perhaps you would even like to pass them along to your children someday.

2. They Look Perfect All Day Long (and for years to come)
 Part of the beauty of fresh flowers is that they are delicate. For that very same reason, fresh flowers just don't hold up as well as we would like them to. That is why artificial flowers are an ideal alternative. No matter how hot or cold the wedding day temperatures get, silk flowers will not wilt or freeze (yes, freeze). They will not droop because they lack water. Artificial flowers won't loose their petals. Their stems won't break. They won't shift around in the arrangement -- which is something tulips are infamous for. (Tulips love light and even after they have been cut, their stems continue to grow and stretch.) Silk flowers can handle the stresses of the day beautifully and won't look any worse for the wear. They will look as brilliant at the end of the night as they did the first moment you looked at them.

3. Photo Shoots
 Many couples opt to have a photography session before the wedding day to save some time on the big day. Others like to get a preview of how all of the details will come together. Instead of taking the photos without your flowers or purchasing an additional bouquet or boutonniere, why not try silk flowers? You can order them well in advance and have the very same flowers in your pre-wedding photos and wedding day photos alike.

4.  No Allergies
If you suffer from allergies, the idea of carrying fresh cut flowers on your wedding day is probably not that appealing. It goes without saying that you and your guests can avoid the extra burst of pollen by choosing silk flowers as an alternative.

5. Freedom of Choice
 With silk and real touch flowers, your favorite flower is always available. Plus, if your bloom of choice is a seasonal one, you can avoid paying sky high prices to get your favorite flower when it is out of season.

6. Endless Color Possibilities
Your wedding colors may not match up with the natural flowers you like. For example, while you may love the idea of blue roses or champagne colored hydrangea neither of these flowers grow in those colors. Instead of settling for a different or for dyed flower (which almost always look unnatural) silks can save the day again. Most artificial flowers are available in a variety colors and shades you desire. You will likely have easy time finding the combination you envisioned in a silk or real touch flower.

7. Silks Are Green
Believe it or not, silk flowers are an environmentally friendly choice. To prevent waste, they can be passed along to another family member, or taken apart to create vase arrangements and wreaths for your home. Silks are also pesticide free. Many flower growers use chemical pesticides to protect plants from invasive insect species. These chemicals also endanger native bee colonies that are essential to the health of the environment and future flower populations.

8. No Unwelcome Surprises
No matter how we try to avoid it, even the best florist will admit that sometimes flower or greenery substitutions are necessary. Getting a client exactly what he or she really wants is of utmost importance to a good florist. While professional florists work closely with skilled flower growers to ensure the product is available, even the best of the best cannot control Mother Nature. It is near impossible to guarantee the exact shade, size, of the flowers because it all depends on the crop. The pale pink roses you ordered may have deepened a shade or two because of natural factors. The fully opened peonies you requested may just not have grown fast enough. With silk flowers, what you see is what you get. There is no question of how well the flowers grew, how much sun they did or didn't get. 

9. Silks Can Ease Stress
 Because silk flowers can be purchased well in advance, they can lighten your stress load when planning for your big day. You can order as early as you like and store them until the wedding giving yourself one less thing to focus on or worry about.

10. Silk and Real Touch Flowers Are Beautiful
Last and certainly not least, artificial flowers are just as lovely as fresh flowers -- if not more so when you consider all of the other reasons to love them. Silks have come a long way in recent years, so far in fact that they are mistaken for fresh cut flowers more often than one would think. There are so many life-like options available including real touch flowers that even feel like the real thing. A skilled floral designer knows just how to arrange silk flowers to give them the appearance of fresh flowers. They know how their natural counterparts grow and move. They can shape the stems and blossoms so keenly that only a true flower expert would be able to tell them apart from natural flowers.

Thank you for reading. I hope you've been inspired by the beauty of silks.
 All floral designs and photos by Posies & Pearls. All rights reserved.

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