Passion for Purple

Purple is purely magical! I find that this beautiful color is adored by both brides and grooms. In addition, this versatile color has the power to seamlessly blend into every season just by altering its tone or saturation. Being such a universally beloved color, it is easy to see why in the wedding industry, purple is always on trend. 

It was no surprise when I had a request for an all purple bouquet featuring contrasting shades of lavender and violet. The bride wanted a classic round shaped bouquet, so right away I knew it had to include two classic beauties -- lavender roses and violet hydrangea. To add texture, Queen Anne's lace was the perfect partner. Velvety lamb's ear leaf completed the arrangement with ethereal softness and elegant simplicity. With violet being a stronger tone, it was important to me to bring out the pale tone of the lavender roses by duplicating it in the stem wrap. When couldn't find a proper match for such a delicate and pale shade, I decided to recreate it in a different way. I used a satin base in a traditional lavender color and layered ivory organza over the top. The effect was no doubt a match made in bouquet heaven!

Introducing the Sarah Bouquet!

(The color purple is said to represent dignity, royalty, and wisdom. I named the bouquet Sarah which means princess or noblewoman.)

For the groom's boutonniere, simplicity was key so I paired a few pretty hydrangea blooms with a touch of Queen Anne's lace, lamb's ear leaf, and a lavender satin stem wrap. 

Wishing you a lovely and creative week!

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